7 habits I plan on continuing post the confinement

With the advent of an unprecedented global sanitary crisis, many countries have imposed lockdowns or confinements upon their population in order to curb the spread of this deadly novel virus. Like for many people around me, the confinement did not exactly have a very good start. It seemed as if all my activities had beenContinue reading “7 habits I plan on continuing post the confinement”


… Locked down…

Even before it started, this New year was celebrated like never before. many gave reason to this jubilation that it was the start of a new decade, the beginning of a new era, the  to emergence of novelty, advancement of the human race, the promise of happiness, sustainable development and momentous progress. 2020 was seenContinue reading “… Locked down…”

The factory of Dreams

Years ago, I was welcomed into a world I knew so little about, a world I had only heard stories about. Yet, with my bags packed, I landed in a city which was not usually mentioned whilst talking about the grandeur of China. That city was Fuzhou. Little did i know that, FUZHOU, the landContinue reading “The factory of Dreams”

The legend of Goddess Mazu

Hailing from a multicultural heritage, I grew up listening to all kinds of stories about legendary heroes and Goddesses. Over the years, my love for legends never ceased. I was always curious to discover new heroes and heroines who gave a sense of hope to millions of people through barriers of time and geography. SixContinue reading “The legend of Goddess Mazu”


Many of us know that learning is an on-going process in life but most of us fail to realize that even teaching is a kind of never ending process. Yes! Teaching. We tend to be so focused in assigning specific roles to ourselves and to all those surrounding us that, in the end, we endContinue reading “Teachers”

Sega – The Emblem of Mauritian culture

As the final golden rays of the massive orange ball of fire basked the turquoise blue waters and the daunting darkness threatened to take over. A miniature yellow bonfire had been set up on the white sand to mimic the radiance of the sun as the blankets of obscurity took over the scene. The wavesContinue reading “Sega – The Emblem of Mauritian culture”

A tale of Ten Thousand Buddhas…

Islanders are known to have an inborn nature of being wanderers and travelers and it was not until I landed up in China that I discovered that I too possessed such a trait. Six years in a land whose culture, lifestyle and language were unknown to me, I realized the best way to make China myContinue reading “A tale of Ten Thousand Buddhas…”

In Search of the Mighty Beast

Amidst the hustle bustle of a busy city, lay a small village oblivious to the rest of the world. Through the ruins of this forgotten suburb area, lived a boy who spoke words that made sense to none, who had dreams too lofty to be shared, who had ideals that were made fun of byContinue reading “In Search of the Mighty Beast”

If Hope Was…

Life, I suppose, is the best teacher anyone could possibly ask for, because at every turn and every point, life teaches us something, something new, something tough, something beautiful, something strange, something powerful… The most valuable lesson that life has imparted me with was about Hope. Yes! Hope! While Hope did seem like just anyContinue reading “If Hope Was…”

A relic that stands the test of time

20.3484° S, 57.5522° E 18th Century Lost in the never-ending peaceful blue waters lay a land that seemed to dwell on its own terms. A land that withheld tremendous amounts of treasures safely guarded by the dense green vegetation that fiercely withstood the forceful invasion of mankind and the perils of nature. Through the lushContinue reading “A relic that stands the test of time”