The heroes of the ordinary

From a very young age, I was taken into the world of books and stories and legends about heroes and heroines have always awed my mind. Like every other young toddler, i was told about the hero who saved the day, the successful hero who made it to great heights , the hero who managed to fight against super villains and save thousands of innocents. This led me to believe that somewhere, there is a hero living and that one day I will be meeting him/ her.
As i grew up and life started making more sense to me, I realized that all the stories that I have heard about heroes were in fact a portrayal of the all those people who are actually heroes in their daily life. Being a hero is not just about stopping the heinous crimes or foiling the plans of an evil gang. In fact, a hero is very much present in every single one of us. It is eventually up to us, whether we want to bring the dormant hero in us alive or whether we would prefer to let the dormant hero sleep and let someone else be the hero.
Of course, one does not just become a hero overnight. It takes a lot of courage, effort, dedication, determination and self control to eventually become a hero. A few years ago, as a young adult who had just graduated from high school and set out in the big “bad” world, I yearned to meet such Heroes of the ordinary to get me inspired and to learn from them. Where to find such heroes? Who were they ? Where were they ? How to find them? How to learn from them ? How do they look? What to learn from them?
I had so many myriads of questions that kept bustling into my head until a pair of heroes appeared in front of me. Actually the pair have always been in front of me. They looked just as normal as me, nothing special. So what was it that made them heroes? There was something about them, something special, something unique. First, their dedication. Never have i seen such an undying zeal in performing routine chores and it was there, all over them. Second, their determination. I could see that It took a lot of courage and persistence to face all the odds and still smile at the end of the day just to make the others happy. Third, their patience. Patience is a virtue that everyone needs to learn and put into practice but this pair of heroes seem to the epitome of patience. Their understanding and patience in the process of waiting for the efforts to bear fruits is something totally unique. Lastly, their love. Love is a powerful tool that could move mountains, unite nations and even change the fate of a person. This pair of heroes seem to radiate undying love towards each other and towards all the others around them and their love seem to heal people around them.
These two heroes are truly ordinary, they didn’t wear capes, they didn’t fight super villains, they were not known to the whole world but yet they are heroes. They are heroes because of the superpowers they own: love, dedication, determination, patience, courage and selflessness. These heroes of the ordinary are actually my parents!
Indeed every other parent in this world, with undying love towards their kids, with tremendous patience, with true dedication is a hero. I learnt many things from my parents and keep learning from them.
And in the future, if one day, i get to be a parent, I wish i to put into practice what my heroes of the ordinary imparted to me.
Happy mother’s and father’s day to my heroes of the ordinary!!

5 thoughts on “The heroes of the ordinary

  1. True heroes never wear capes and our parents are definitely superheros. Why? Because from the moment that a child is born, they have the huge responsibility in moulding that baby through many years of efforts, patience and teaching into a young adult who will, one day be a hero to someone else and also become a parent and lead their children down the right path. It might not seem like much but the kind of focus and attention our parents impart form a huge part of who we are today and we should always cherish them! This was a really nice post! You write well! I have made sure to follow your blog to read more!

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    1. Thank you ! Parenthood is a very strange and complex role that cannot be described in one word… Somehow the one word i found which do a little bit justice to this role is the word HERO


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