A relic that stands the test of time

20.3484° S, 57.5522° E
18th Century

Lost in the never-ending peaceful blue waters lay a land that seemed to dwell on its own terms. A land that withheld tremendous amounts of treasures safely guarded by the dense green vegetation that fiercely withstood the forceful invasion of mankind and the perils of nature.
Through the lush green wilderness, two pairs of orphaned feet walked aimlessly in perfect synchrony. Dressed in soiled rags, with thick rusted metal chains that cuffed their hands and feet, hair pulled up in the signature haute coiffure, face covered with mud, blood and scars, the two pairs of eyes seemed to search tirelessly for freedom. Freedom from forced labor, freedom from torture, freedom to breathe, freedom to live in peace, freedom to love and freedom to be loved.
Who were these two ? Fugitives ? Runaways ? or simply two people in search of the simple pleasures of life ?
After countless days of aimless walking through the exotically wild flora accompanied by the endless chatter of birds, unknown whispers from green wilderness, there was a new sound that seemed to welcome the pair. A sound almost like a lullaby, rhythmic in its own style, enticingly fresh, and mystically beautiful, called out to them, called out to cast its claim on them. It was the sound of waves of the turquoise blue waters that crashed rebelliously onto something seemingly huge and massive.

The pair, as if under the spell of Mother Nature’s mysterious call, followed the rays of the golden sun to reach out to their lullaby and they came to face the most beautiful larger than life carved artform. The structure they were witnessing was absolutely mersmerizing. It was a mountain but with the most meticulous structure anyone could possibly imagine, almost like a piece of traditional carved Makonde art.

The pair of runaway no longer felt scared for they had found home… The summit of this peak seemed to be the epitome of whatever they asked for… Freedom from forced labor, freedom from torture, freedom to breathe, freedom to live in peace, freedom to love and freedom to be loved.

Just as both the souls took in deep breaths of the free air, allowing the gusts of happiness to unleash their chains of worry, the barks of the hounds coupled with the deafening sounds of pistols echoed in the distant far… Both of them smiled, refusing to let fear take away the moment of pure joy and they knew what was to be done. The foot of the mountain would bring them back to their miseries while the cradle of the blue waters will allow them to attain pure bliss. Time had come for the two free souls to lose themselves into the lullaby that made them discover their ultimate joy…
20.3484° S, 57.5522° E

21st Century

Maconde, Mauritius

Centuries later, Maconde is still standing tall and strong in the South west of Mauritius, with the waves tirelessly battering onto wild rocks. Maconde not just promises the most breathtaking view of shades of blue and green to the viewer but a sense of freedom and achievement.

To me, Maconde is a memento that has stood the test of time. It is a relic that is the epitome of the promise of eternal hope in times of despair, the promise of joy from the little things in life and the promise of love above and beyond everything else…

7 thoughts on “A relic that stands the test of time

  1. Very nice article! It’s like I’m part of the whole story with these people and the history of this place, with all these details. I understand their need and their thirst for freedom.
    👍 keep it up girl

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