In Search of the Mighty Beast

Amidst the hustle bustle of a busy city, lay a small village oblivious to the rest of the world. Through the ruins of this forgotten suburb area, lived a boy who spoke words that made sense to none, who had dreams too lofty to be shared, who had ideals that were made fun of by all except for one kind soul, his only living relation, his grandmother.

He was a normal boy but with an extraordinary destiny, believed the old lady. She seemed to live in a world that was far away from the one they were currently in. Her mind dwelled in the ancient legends and she saw this ordinary boy, her grandson, to have a mission, larger than life, and if victorious, He was to rise bigger than the world, deeper than the oceans, higher than the skies. For that, she would say that, When the right time comes, He, The Chosen One, would need to go in search of the mighty beast and conquer it.

At first sight, the boy seemed to be just like any other lad of his age but with a careful searching look at him, one could see a sparkle in his eye, with a mind that was busy looking for something, something kids of his age didn’t seem to understand. Which is why maybe, he was always alone, his only faithful friends being his shadow and his grandmother.

But just as destiny would have it, the grandmother was realized that time to part with her grandson was close and it was now time she handed over his destiny to him. And so, on one dark gloomy night, she pulled out a small bundle wrapped in a thick soiled piece of cloth and dropped it in her grandson’s hand and whispered ” Our times have come… While I go in search of my destiny, you go in search of yours, go out and conquer the mighty beast, for you are the Chosen One. The mighty beast will come in front of you at several instances and at each instance you will have to defeat it to get closer to your destiny…”

Saying so, the old lady breathed her last…leaving behind a grieving lad with nothing but a small package as company. The night, gloomy and pitch dark, kept the lad awake, He was still fiddling with the small package. He was curious to see what lay inside but also frightened of the contents would do to him.

Slowly, mustering up some courage, He went on to undo the knots that kept the secret close and found two folded parchments that seemed to be decades old. He opened up the first piece of parchment; it seemed like a map with directions but it didn’t make much sense to the lad. So, He out it down and went on to the next one, this parchment made more sense as it was a letter, addressed to him from his grandmother. As he read through, He realized the destiny his grandmother spoke about was actually a quest to unearth his ancestral treasure hidden in a far away land. After reading the letter, The lad made up his mind to set out looking for his destiny, the treasure.

The next day, at the crack of dawn, the lad reached to the sea where he met a fellow villager who owned a boat. The man, after hearing his story, laughed at him, ridiculed his grandmother’s letter and refused to lend him his boat. The lad, dejected, angry but desperate to reach out to his destiny decided to build out his own boat to head out in the open seas. He didn’t know anything about boat making but he decided to make his own boat, trusting his instincts. Three days later, several cuts, many bruises later, the lad was now sitting next to his “boat”. It was a raft made of bamboo, with a small tent and a sail. It didn’t look too durable but the lad was confident this “boat” would take him to his destination. As he was giving finishing touches to his “boat”, he met a funny looking man, intently staring at him. The man, after listening to the lad’s story, offered the lad a huge amount of money in exchange of the old parchment, which the lad declined politely, stating that this was his journey. 

The lad, packed with a few eatables and a blanket, decided to set sail to his destiny on the same day. The sun was out and cast on out its magnificent rays on the calm turquoise blue waters. The lad set sail, after paying respects to the place he called home so far. The small raft seemed to glide onto the water, with the last sight of land fading in the far horizon, the lad was now surrounded by blue from all sides. The enticing waves cradled the lad to sleep; only to be woken up several minutes, hours or days later, by  a violent splash of water.

The golden yellow rays had been replaced by pitch darkness, the peaceful blue water had transformed into a merciless ocean; the waves as high as the skies. The sight was absolutely daunting. The ferocious wind blew away the lad’s tent, the water washed away his provisions and the waves crashed his raft and he was now left with a few bamboo rods meekly holding each other. The storm, as intimidating as it was, fell weak in front of the determination the lad held on to. The rain lashed and the waves crashed, both equally ruthlessly, until he collapsed.

Days passed and the lad, hungry, cold, drenched and lonely, had lost count of the number of days He had been “lost” at the sea. Many dawns and dusks after, The Lad, along with his frail looking  raft was washed onto a shore of a land he had never seen before. The island seemed eerily deserted. Gathering the little strength he had, the lad wandered aimlessly into the forest until he saw light in the far distance. He ran towards it and was met with the same man he met on the beach prior to his departure. The man smiled and handed him another parcel, similar to the one his grandmother had given him.

The lad opened it up and read out aloud

” Often, Man loses himself in a failed attempt to tame mighty beasts that dwell the earth. What we fail to realize is the mightiest beast lies within us.
The day you were brought into this world, you were already destined for greatness but I didn’t want you to thread onto that path without having tamed the beasts within you and for that I pushed you through several tests.

First, after my demise, instead of wasting yourself in sorrow, you chose to follow my words and head out into the unknown with only my blessings and words as support. That strength of mind you displayed was to defeat the beast called procrastination. You decided to face your destiny instead of running away from it. 

Second, when you were made fun of and denied help and support, you decided to keep faith in your ideals and adhere to the path you believed to be right. Even when you didn’t know how to proceed, you chose to follow your instincts and put in your hard work to make your boat. This way, you looked for the beast called Insecurity and overpowered it with your determination.

Third, the beast called temptation came to you in the guise of the man who offered you the world’s riches in exchange of your destiny but you defeated it with courage and fearlessness towards the unknown destiny that awaited you.

Lastly, you displayed exceptional trust in me by undertaking this journey without at any point doubting my words. You put yourself at many perils, risking your life, risking the comfort you had and went on this journey alone with nothing but belief in your loved one’s ideals and words. You defeated the Mighty Beast called failure by displaying unconditional love towards me…

Your destiny is to lead these people as a Benevolent, Just,Compassionate, Righteous King. Your search for the mighty beast will be a never ending one because the beast within us will keep rising but it is up to you to tame it with the virtues of love, confidence, determination and courage… “




2 thoughts on “In Search of the Mighty Beast

  1. This is so motivational! For some reasons, reading this makes me wanna go back to writing, makes me wanna express everything that I’m feeling right now on paper.
    Thank you for that

    Liked by 1 person

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