Many of us know that learning is an on-going process in life but most of us fail to realize that even teaching is a kind of never ending process. Yes! Teaching. We tend to be so focused in assigning specific roles to ourselves and to all those surrounding us that, in the end, we end up forgetting about this one role that we have to keep playing every second of our lives. So engrossed in essaying for other roles, we tend to ignore and sometimes even fail at this small but significant role.

All of us, right from a newborn baby to the old stumbling grandpa, right from any creature dwelling in this earth by our side, we are all teachers. Who said teaching is restricted to a four-walled space that we call classroom?

It not just took me my university life to understand that teaching does not just happen in a classroom. It took me years to realize that no matter where I go, no matter what I do, there is always a “someone” who is right there, teaching me something. And, it was not until I joined the professional scene that it dawned upon me that just as I look up to others as my “teachers”, others might be looking up to me as their “teacher”

Every morning, as the first rays of sun strike, the chirping birds teach me that no matter how hard I try, I cannot go back to the previous day but instead I should embrace this new day and vow to make best use of it.

As a medical student in China, the doctors who tried so relentlessly hard to overcome barriers of language to make academic knowledge reach out to me, have taught me that no obstacles can withhold knowledge. In the same way, I try to apply the skills I have learnt, in my professional environment, to impart my know-how to people who come to me regarding their ailments.

Patients at the hospital teach me that no matter what ailments try to bring them down, it takes just a little bit of courage to stand up and keep fighting rather than accepting failure.

The person who has difficulty in talking imparts to me the knowledge of how powerful is the right to speech. It is very easy to misuse this right but I have been taught to weigh my words carefully before talking.

The wars being waged in other countries teach me about the importance of a human life, humanitarian values and the disastrous effects of violence.

The people around me constantly teach me about myself, the one with vices teach me to never follow his path while the one with even one virtue inspires me to try and adopt that virtue.

As a young adult in this world, I realize that I am also a teacher. I choose to be someone with a positive influence and I try and use the knowledge I acquired from other “teachers” to help me teach others. I aspire to teach others to always stand up for a good cause, to voice out opinions for what is believed to equitable and do always sow seeds of goodness because I believe that what hatred can do, love can do it even better. I wish to teach others to be successful where I failed, I hope to inspire people to take up the virtues that will one day make the world a better place.

As dusk settles in and I retreat back into my world, I finish the day with only one prayer,

” I hope today I was a better student and teacher than yesterday and I promise that tomorrow I will be a better student and teacher than I was today…”

2 thoughts on “Teachers

  1. Emotional intelligence at its best. Enjoyed the verbal introspection but what i liked the most was the peaceful flow. I can picture myself sitting by the river and contemplating life. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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